Top Reasons to Consider Microneedling

Skincare can be challenging when dealing with concerns like acne scarring, stretchmarks, surgical or burn scars, enlarged pores, and premature aging signs like wrinkles. This emphasizes the need to find the right skincare products and treatments to help keep your skin healthier and glowing. Microneedling Southlake is among the most sought-after treatments, especially since it is ideal for virtually everyone and simultaneously works well with other treatments.

Microneedling entails making microscopic punctures to your kin, which creates micro-injuries. The injuries trigger dermal remodeling, which is the natural self-repair process. The process begins with increased collagen production, the elastic fibers that tighten and smoothen your skin. Below are the benefits of this treatment method:

Healthier skin

Your main goal is mainly on the aesthetic appeal, but microneedling does more than improve the look. The increased collagen levels help tighten and make your skin more elastic, which improves its functionality. Healthier skin means it can retain moisture better and, with elasticity, improve functions like excretion through sweating. This means your skin, the largest organ, will do a better job, including protecting your internal organs.

Better products performance

Healthier skin is easier to care for since your products will deliver better results. The elasticity, for example, means the products can penetrate deeper and work as intended. This means you won’t jump from one product to the next, hoping for a better solution. Your products will keep delivering, saving you from risks like experimenting with products that could irritate the skin and worsen the situation.

Natural results

Microneedling entails triggering a natural self-repair reaction. This means no foreign materials or forced skin repositioning are included during the treatment. The self-repair delivers naturally-looking results, which are easier to maintain for an extended period. The results take a few weeks to notice as self-repair occurs. You may also need a few sessions to realize notable results following the goals and extent of your problem, but once they hit, you won’t be overwhelmed since no extra care is needed. With a practical skincare regimen, you’ll easily optimize and keep the treatment’s results for years.

No downtime

Microneedling does not include incisions or painful procedures. It is a fast treatment, averaging 30 minutes or less, considering the treatment area and size. You can resume your routine shortly after the treatment since there is no wound to take care of or pain that requires you to take a break to recover.

Versatile treatment

Microneedling is often combined with other treatments. Its versatility helps complement your skincare treatments for optimal results. Microneedling could be combined with PRP for faster and more notable self-repair. It could also be done before most topical treatments like minoxidil application to enhance efficacy. This makes microneedling more of an all-around skin treatment that can supercharge your kin revitalization quests.

Microneedling is a valuable treatment that should be on your skincare regimen as you endeavor to retain youthful and healthier skin. The fast, painless, and versatile treatment is ideal in many instances, allowing you to address many skin imperfections with fewer hassles. Contact Serendipity Med Spa today for more on microneedling.

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