Plastic Surgery Trends – What’s New and Noteworthy?

Even though social media trends can influence cosmetic procedures, the final decision on whether or not to undergo them must ultimately rest with each individual. Keep in mind that following trends could create unrealistic expectations regarding results.

Plastic surgeons seem to embrace this change and move away from producing extreme and unnatural-looking results in favor of more natural-looking aesthetics.


Facelift surgery addresses the signs of aging by repositioning sagging tissues and eliminating excess skin. A facelift can enhance facial contours by tightening loose tissues, eliminating jowls, and creating bolder facial features; additionally it reduces loose skin around the neck; its incisions typically lie hidden behind ears or along hairline edges for maximum aesthetic results. Surgical scars from such procedures tend to be invisible due to most incisions being placed behind ears or along hairlines – meaning virtually undetectable scars from this procedure are virtually undetectable!

A well-done facelift should provide a more youthful appearance that lasts at least ten years; however, lifestyle habits and tissue elasticity will continue to affect the facial skin and features over time.

Experienced surgeons understand that facelift surgery should produce natural-looking results without overdoing it, with lasting results that appear natural. This is especially important as inexperienced plastic surgeons may create unnatural windswept looks or pull too hard and cause the skin to sag. A good plastic surgeon will first reposition underlying structures into more youthful configuration, including redistribution of fat and suspension of subcutaneous musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS), to produce longer lasting effects.

Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures, used to correct breathing issues, repair birth defects and boost self-confidence in appearance.

Instead of adhering to past trends that emphasized smaller and narrower noses, today the goal should be creating a nose that harmonizes with other aspects of facial anatomy while remaining unique. That may involve straightening a too rounded nose; adding subtle contour improvements; or eliminating bumps on bridge without making the nose too small.

Aesthetic rhinoplasty can now be accomplished in the physician’s office using injectable dermal fillers to quickly alter facial shape. Non-surgical options usually only produce temporary results; those seeking permanent nose reshaping should consider surgical rhinoplasty instead.


Surgical procedures excel at tightening, lifting, and contouring the face and body; however they cannot address volume loss, skin texture quality or balance between facial features like nose and chin. Many patients now seek non-invasive facial injectable fillers as an additional means of creating a more youthful, naturally reshaped appearance.

2022 was marked by a dramatic surge in minimally invasive treatments such as neurotoxins and fillers; and that trend continued into 2023.

Other trends include an increased interest in height-lengthening surgery, known as femoral head excision. Surgeons use this surgical process to break both femurs to make patients taller; it provides more permanent solution than rhinoplasty for nose reduction or adding an implant. Furthermore, women have been looking for natural-looking breasts; surgeons frequently employ fat grafting as an alternative way of creating natural transition areas around any indentations or sharp lines caused by implants being removed.


There has been an increasing trend towards smaller, more natural-looking breast implants among patients who want them to complement the rest of their body proportions. This has lead to an upsurge in breast lift procedures.

Other popular breast surgeries include tummy tucks and liposuction procedures to sculpt and shape the torso, suitable for both women and men alike. Liposuction also offers an effective means of shaping buttocks for an improved, toned appearance.

Many individuals still strive for an ideal physique. Many patients are undergoing labiaplasty – the surgical procedure which alters the size and position of labia majora) in order to achieve symmetry or smaller, more proportionate labia. Labiaplasty procedures are becoming more mainstream with every passing year; as more people seek treatment through mainstream providers; this helps individuals feel more at ease discussing cosmetic enhancements with doctors, further solidifying these surgery staples’ popularity and growth in popularity.

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