Causes of Vein Problems and Treatment Options

You can have visible or varicose veins due to factors like weak veins, which make blood circulation a problem. Seeking vein treatment Frisco can help minimize your symptoms and increase blood circulation in your legs. Here is what you need to know about the causes of varicose veins.


While weak veins lead to poor blood circulation in your legs, certain factors put you at risk of the condition. Such factors include aging, obesity, family history, and whether you sit or stand for too long at work. The following are the main causes of varicose veins:

Chronic venous insufficiency

Your veins contain valves that prevent your blood from flowing backward, defying gravity. However, if the veins are damaged, the blood can flow backward and pool in your legs, causing your legs to swell. Common symptoms include leg or ankle swelling, hard-to-treat leg ulcers, and a tight feeling in your calves.

Chronic venous obstruction

Chronic venous obstruction occurs when there is a blockage in your veins. The scar tissue damages your valves, facilitating the backward flow and blood pooling in your legs hence the swelling. Common symptoms include visible veins, leg pain, restless legs, and darkening of the skin on the affected area.

Treatment options

Your vascular specialist will perform various tests, including imaging and a physical exam, to determine the severity of your condition. After an accurate diagnosis, they will provide you with a suitable treatment plan for the best outcome. The following are some of the treatment methods that your doctor can recommend.

Lifestyle changes

Your daily routine and habits can affect your veins’ health, so it is important to adjust your daily habits for better vein health. Incorporating an exercise plan into your routine will strengthen your veins. If you sit or stand for long periods of time, stretch at different times to facilitate better blood circulation. After a long day, elevate your legs to reduce swelling.

Compression stockings

If you have visible leg veins and experience minor symptoms, your doctor can recommend compression stockings to prevent blood backflow.


During sclerotherapy treatment, your specialist will inject a solution to destroy and collapse the affected vein and reroute the blood to a healthier vein.

Radiofrequency ablation

Radiofrequency ablation uses heat to damage the walls of weak veins causing them to collapse and shut. The heat causes the veins to form scar tissue closing the vein. Before the treatment, your specialist will apply a numbing agent to the affected area to minimize discomfort.


During microphlebectomy, your doctor will make small incisions around the affected treatment. Since it is an outpatient procedure, you don’t need recovery time because you will not need stitches after the procedure. Your doctor will use a phlebectomy hook to remove the veins from your leg.

If you have visible veins or experience the symptoms of varicose veins, visit Prime Heart and Vascular for vein treatment. The available vein specialists will review your medical history and evaluate your symptoms before recommending the most suitable treatment. Call or schedule your appointment online and improve the quality of your life.

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