What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Involve?

Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dental medicine that focuses on improving the appearance of your smile. Your daily habits and lifestyle choices can affect your teeth, like food that can stain your teeth or teeth grinding or chewing hard things like ice can damage your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry Waterford procedures are straightforward and highly customized to meet your dental concerns and goals.

 Depending on your condition and needs, you can have multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures in one visit. Your dentist will discuss in detail what your procedures will involve.

What issues does cosmetic dentistry address?

Cosmetic dentistry can address several dental issues, including discolored teeth, receding gums, missing teeth or large gaps in your teeth, worn teeth from grinding, chipped teeth, and broken teeth.

Types of treatments in cosmetic dentistry

The following are common procedures in cosmetic dentistry:

Teeth whitening

You can benefit from teeth whitening if you have stained teeth. While there are teeth whitening strips that you can use at home, your dentist might recommend visiting their office for treatment. The procedure involves cleaning your teeth and applying the whitening solution. Afterward, you might have a fluoride rinse to strengthen your teeth.  

Dental implants

Implants are a great option if you have missing teeth or teeth gaps. Your doctor can recommend an implant if you have one missing tooth per gap. The procedure requires your dentist to place a post before replacing your tooth. It relies on your jawbone density, and if you have insufficient bone, your dentist will perform bone grafting before placing the implant.


Dental crowns are useful when you have chipped, broken, cracked, or stained teeth. They are tooth-shaped dental caps that can replace damaged teeth. Depending on your dental concerns, your specialist will bind the crown to the affected tooth with dental cement and restore the affected tooth’s shape, size, and color.


If you don’t like the appearance of your teeth in terms of shape, size, and color, you can choose veneers. Usually made from porcelain, veneers are thin shells that improve your teeth’s appearance. Porcelain veneers can last for over ten years.


You can benefit from dental dentures if you have large gaps in your teeth. They are a set of artificial teeth that can replace all or some of your teeth. They are easy to maintain and provide an enhanced look that improves your dental appearance.

When do you need cosmetic dentistry?

You might need cosmetic dentistry if you have stained, crooked or chipped teeth that affect your smile’s appearance. That said, your dental concerns should not threaten your dental health. For example, you should not experience pain or have an infection. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are available to correct and enhance your smile, not to treat a health condition.

If you have stained or misaligned teeth, visit Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center for cosmetic dentistry procedures. Before your cosmetic dentist creates a suitable treatment plan, you will receive a comprehensive dental exam to check your teeth and gums for infections and other concerns. Call or schedule your appointment online today to improve the appearance of your smile.

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