Spravato: The Hero in Dealing With Treatment-Resistant Depression

Depression, especially characterized by recurrent suicidal thoughts, requires effective treatment. Such a depressive state is life-threatening since slight stressors can prompt someone to actualize suicidal ideas. Spravato Atlanta continues to be the most sought-after option, especially for treatment-resistant depression. Spravato is an FDA-approved psychiatric drug containing esketamine used to treat major depressive disorders. Eskatamine is simply a more potent form of ketamine, which facilitates lower and more effective dosage and shows fewer side effects. Among the reasons spravato is gaining traction include the following:

Effective in treatment-resistant cases

If antidepressants and other treatments are not delivering notable results, all hope is not lost. The eskatamine in spravato does not work like antidepressants which target neurotransmitters including serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. It targets glutamate, which is the major excitatory neurotransmitter. The treatment binds to inhibitory neurons, resulting in more excitation in your brain parts of the depressive circuit. The different approach offers notable results, hence the effectiveness in cases of treatment-resistant depression.

Helps with other mental concerns

Other mental health concerns like anxiety, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, and eating disorders usually accompany major depression. Such aspects get better as the depression symptoms improve following spravato treatment. Relief in other mental health areas can significantly improve your progress and make it easier to enjoy life more.

Facilitates change

Among the main hiccups that impact depression recovery is the feeling of being stuck. Most depressed individuals tend to have a pattern of negative thoughts that get entrenched deeper in their minds. Esketamine helps you get unstuck since it activates neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity allows your brain to change and grow, making it easier to conquer negative thoughts, effectively manage depression, and improve overall mental wellness.

Results in expanded consciousness

Spravato has a dissociative effect. While mainly viewed as a side effect, it can help users expand their consciousness. When you feel removed from yourself, you experience more than distortion, which can help you process happy memories and traumas that could be challenging your quest to manage depression. This is more so since the dissociation does not include hallucinations or delusions. Users remain grounded in their actual state, meaning the effect works more like an expanded consciousness. This allows you to process more, including past events that could be holding you back, delivering better depression treatment impact.

Less reliance on drugs

An expert administers Spravato in a controlled environment. They observe you during the session, which makes it easier to control the dosage and its impacts. This means you are unlikely to use more or do it often to the extent that you could develop dependence. While the drugs are not addictive, long-term antidepressant use can cause dependence. If you suddenly stop taking them, you can experience antidepressant discontinuation syndrome or withdrawal symptoms that can be stressful or even lead to a depressive state. Overdosing is also a possibility, a challenge that you eliminate with spravato treatments.

The ever-evolving medical field continues to deliver innovative solutions that offer notable benefits. Spravato is among such solutions that can improve your mental wellness quests, allowing you to manage major depression with suicidal ideation that has proven to be treatment resistant. Visit Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta for more on spravato or to book your session.

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