Essential Benefits of Sacroiliac Joint Surgery or Fusion

Are you experiencing chronic lower back pain affecting your work performance? If so, you should consult your care provider because you might suffer from serious back conditions such as sacroiliac joint dysfunction. In this case, your care provider may recommend sacroiliac joint surgery, especially if you have tried other ineffective alternative treatments. You can, therefore, undergo San Bernardino SI joint surgery, especially if you have been experiencing persistent chronic back pain, irrespective of using other treatments available to help provide symptomatic relief. Some of the benefits of SI joint surgery you should know are as follows:

Improves your quality of life

 In most cases, when you are experiencing chronic and persistent back pain, your health and quality of life usually get affected because your mental and emotional well-being is interfered with. In this case, undergoing SI joint fusion or surgery helps alleviate tingling, leg numbness, muscle spasms, and pain. Doing so improves your quality of life, and your emotional and mental health is also improved.

Improves activity level

When you are experiencing chronic back pain or leg numbness, you are usually unable to wall or even perform activities of daily living. The pain can be very severe, affecting your ability to perform basic and simple tasks such as walking to the kitchen and making breakfast or any other meal. For this reason, SI joint surgery can help restore your ability to bend, walk and move, thus improving your ability to walk.

Reduced blood loss

Usually, spine surgeons recommend minimally invasive SI joint surgery or fusion other than open surgery. One of the main reasons why they opt for this type of procedure is because it involves making tiny incisions on the targeted site. Doing so prevents excess blood loss, which can result in shock if not controlled. Therefore, consider undergoing minimally invasive SI joint surgery rather than open SI joint surgery.

Quick recovery time

You usually recover very fast when you undergo minimally invasive spine surgery because your spine is not cut open; instead, tiny incisions are made at the affected region. Usually, it is much easier to heal tiny incisions than when you are healing an open wound with several stitches. Therefore, after undergoing minimally invasive SI joint surgery, you will require a short recovery time, after which you can resume your activities of daily living once you have healed completely.

Offers lasting pain relief

The primary reason for opting for sacroiliac joint surgery or fusion is to help long-term pain relief together with other symptoms. During surgery, your care provider uses anesthesia to ensure you are not experiencing pain when fixing the problem affecting your joint. Your SI joint dysfunction can result from injury or degenerative disease, which causes pain. Once your problem is dealt with, you begin experiencing reduced pain, tingling, leg numbness, and muscle spasm.

Therefore, you do not have to bear chronic back pain and other discomforts resulting from SI joint dysfunction because you can undergo SI joint surgery and get relief. Therefore, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms and are unresponsive to other alternative treatments, you can call the Sports and Spine Center today and schedule your SI joint surgery for relief. You can also inquire from the doctors if other treatment options are available for SI joint dysfunction and other back problems.

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